Excellence Academy

Welcome to Heath Park’s Excellence Academy, in which our most able students will be challenged and supported like never before. Our mission is to deliver educational outcomes comparable to ‘selective’ schools and guarantee – for those completing the programme – qualifications which will facilitate access to ‘Russell Group’ universities, including Oxbridge.

We are able to make such guarantees because of the unique curriculum opportunities that will be delivered by a discrete team comprising solely of ‘outstanding’ teachers. An Excellence Academy accessible through your local neighbourhood school will deliver the quality of education and outcomes that parents have previously sought either through travelling to schools across the other side or beyond the city or by ‘going private’.

All Heath Park students achieving two Level 5b or better Key Stage 2 scores can apply for the Excellence Academy and will be invited for interview. Other key criteria that will determine acceptance into the Excellence Academy relate primarily to positive learning habits and these can be determined by objective measures such as attendance and punctuality.

There will be additional expectations placed upon Excellence Academy students, in particular a commitment to an extended day each week and to regular independent study.  In return, the Excellence Academy students will also benefit from working with the most able students from partner schools on a curriculum enhanced by regular educational visits, delivered exclusively by ‘outstanding’ teachers.

We have decided on this route at this particular point because the schools involved are in strong positions and feel able to move to the next stage of their development. We want all parents in the communities we serve can send their children to the local comprehensive knowing that they will fulfil their potential completely. The Excellence Academy is aimed at those students who have an aptitude for studying at the very highest levels and will ensure that they are encouraged to always be working at the point of being challenged.

In Key Stage 3, Excellence Academy students will follow a version of the Integrated Studies programme specifically directed at their higher-order learning needs. They will be expected to attend a weekly Independent Study session which will extend their school day and will have cultural experiences outside of the classroom to broaden their horizons.

In Key Stage 4, time will be spent working together as an Excellence Academy group to ensure that higher-order critical thinking skills continue to be developed even as GCSE qualifications become of paramount importance. They will be expected to work towards A* grades in GCSE subjects, developing the study skills necessary to achieve this.

In Key Stage 5, Excellence Academy students will be expected to model and lead societies for students lower down the school, and model an example of how younger Excellence Academy students should work. They will be taught by ‘outstanding’ teachers in order to attain the A grades necessary to facilitate entry to top universities.

Heath Park intends the Excellence Academy to be the answer to one of the biggest questions facing our local community: just how do we ensure that Wolverhampton’s best and brightest have the same opportunities to succeed as anyone else in the country?

The Excellence Academy will combine the highest levels of academic rigour with dynamic, unique learning experiences not available anywhere else – all within the setting of a vibrant, culturally diverse local school. It really is the best of all educational worlds. By creating a high-powered learning community, engaging in the very best of high-quality 21st teaching approaches, we will give our young people the keys necessary to open the doors to life’s very best possibilities.

The Excellence Academy