Key Stage 4

Year 9

Autumn 1

Media Minefield

Students will investigate the decline of traditional media and explore the role of ethics in the media.  They will also evaluate the role of the media in modern society fitness for purpose and explain the basic elements and key outcomes of the Leveson enquiry.  They will be encouraged to evaluate the impact of social media on modern life and analyse what controls are in place to monitor social media.  They will also look at how groups or individuals and those in power use the media try to influence public opinion; how to distinguish fact from opinion.
Autumn 2

Rights around the world

Students will begin with Magna Carta as a first step against arbitrary rule and a guarantee of justice. They will then look at the rights and freedoms protected by the: UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Human Rights Act 1998.

We will move on to considering the role of the Empire, using sources to analyse how the Empire behaved and evolved, and the links with migration today.  Students will identify the penalties for human trafficking in the UK and compare and contrast the life of a Rwandan child to a UK child.

Spring 1

Religion – a source of conflict or cohesion?

Students will explore key historical religious conflicts and events, such as events in Ireland, the role of religion in modern life and this will culminate in a year group collage.
Spring 2

Poverty in Action

Students will consider the poverty in existence in the world today – moving on to the Millenium Development Goals and UK poverty.  Fairtrade and homelessness will be studied leading to students planning a citizenship event in groups, undertaking social action.
Summer 1

Law in Action

Students will explore the difference between civil and criminal law, the courts system and prison systems.  They will analyse the impact of restorative justice, joint enterprise, and how law differs in other countries.
Summer 2

UK Institutions

Exploring the three branches of power in the UK, the executive, legislative and juducuary.  The role of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, MPs and MEPs.  Considering the role of the monarchy in today’s society, and debating the desire of the British Public to retain a constitutional monarchy.


Year 11

Autumn 1 UK Democracy Compared


Students look at different electoral and democratic systems around the world, comparing the relative merits of each, along with seeking to understand the history of why they came to pass.  Analysing the fairness of the political systems and understanding the traditions surrounding the UK political system.

Autumn 2 Human Rights in Practice


Looking at different human rights violations across the globe and holding debates in class.  Analysing the work of various organisations meant to address human rights, such as Amnesty and the UN.

Spring 1 Changing communities – Citizenship in Context


The ethical aspects of social and cultural identity, including the issue of

Immigration and the reasons economic migrants and asylum seekers apply to settle in the UK.

Why overseas citizens have decided to live and work in the UK and why Britons choose to settle overseas; whether the UK is a genuinely multicultural society along with the nature of diversity in the UK.

Whether discrimination on the grounds of age, race, gender or sexual

orientation has ended and why groups of people react in different ways to new arrivals from other countries.  Why problems of community cohesion exist and how they could be resolved.

Spring 2 Exam revision, technique and past paper study.
Summer 1 Examination period
Summer 2

Key Information

  • Exam Board: Edexcel
  • Lessons per week: 1 session

Examination Details

  • Unit 1 exam – Citizenship Today – 20%
  • Unit 2 controlled assessment – Participating in Society – 30%
  • Unit 3 – exam – Citizenship in Context, changing communities: social and cultural identities – 20%
  • Unit 4 – controlled assessment – Citizenship Campaign – 30%


To find out more information about this course, you can email Miss Dixon


Student Work

Year 9 EU Referendum Video

Several Year 9 students have created their own video in preparation for the mock EU referendum we are having in school this Friday. The students are Holly Lawcock, Beth Felton, Millie Hayes and Olivia Hayes.


Alcohol Reduces the Average Life Expectancy

Student Citizenship Work – Alcohol Reduces the Average Life Expectancy


Do you think that this article influenced your considerations about alcohol consumption in the future?

View Results

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Citizenship Action

Citizenship Action

Citizenship Survey

Help Reduce the Strain on NHS

Help Reduce the Strain on NHS

Rap Track by Citizenship Students


Compulsory Voting

Compulsory Voting


Multiculturalism in our School – Raheema Matsemela

Multiculturalism – Emily Lear

Rehabilitation – Darnell Boyle

Rehabilitation – Darnell Boyle

Charts – Libby Allen

Charts by Libby Allen

Gangs, Stereotypes and Joint Enterprise

Year 9 Students have been studying the concept of joint enterprise and decided to make a rap addressing the stereotypes of gang culture.

Citizenship Project – Ethnic Name Discrimination in the Workplace

Ethnic Name Discrimination in the Workplace

by Rajdeep Shergill and Sumandeep Sidhu

Local Support

IMG_9072Heath Park Collectively Support Local Food Bank

As we continue developing community spirit and the family ethos here at Heath Park, we have decided to support a local food bank as we get ready to enjoy our summer holiday.  The food bank run by The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd have worked with us at Heath Park over the last couple of years, being a good friend to the school.

Our students have benefited from their input and charitable vision.  The current Year 8 going into 9 are exploring community based issues in Wolverhampton, and along with staff, have made a large donation today of food, clothing and a sum of money.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Good Shepherd community for the hard work they do every day for Wolverhampton.