Film Studies

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

GCSE Film Studies is very similar in structure to that of the English Literature textual analysis of film texts from both Hollywood and around the world. This specification is designed to build upon students own experiences of film – as consumers and creators – and to encourage a recognition of the complexity of this experience within an increasingly globalised, interconnected environment.

Students completing the course will have the opportunity to explore the production process, marketing and distribution for a film of their choices and textual analyse that choice. They will create an original genre scene for a horror movie, which they will plan, film and edit, allowing the students to creatively use the understanding of codes and conventions on a live brief.

Key Information

  • Exam Board: WJEC
  • Lessons per week: 2 sessions a week – additional sessions for students who have opted double

Examination Details

Controlled Assessment 50%

  • Exploring film (30 marks)
    • Industry Research (AO1)
    • Micro Analysis (AO2)
  • Production (70 marks)
    • Pitch (AO1)
    • Pre-production (AO3)
    • Final Production (AO4)
    • Evaluation (AO2)

Examination 50%

Paper 1 – Exploring Film 30% (1 hour 30 min)

Paper 2 – Exploring Film Outside Hollywood 20% (1 hour)


Autumn 1 Introduction to Film Studies

Key terminologies, audience and film theories are explored with some reflection back to the both the production and the superhero genre for the exam.

Autumn 2 Exploring Film – Controlled Assessment

(AO1)  Industry Research – students select a text research for that film the production process, marketing, distribution

(AO2) Micro Analysis – Students select a five minute extract from their film and analyse this clip focusing on two areas of micro analysis: cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound and editing.

Spring 1 Production – Pitch, storyboard and filming

Students on creatively planning their two-minute scene for a horror film, which can be from any part of the movie. They will produce an outline ad create a twenty frame storyboard before pitching the production and filming the short.

Spring 2 Production – Editing and Evaluation

Students work completing their edit and then critically evaluate their contribution to the group and the final quality of the completed short.

Exam – Paper1 – Superhero (Unseen Extract)

Students begin revision for the Superhero paper 1 exam. The first two questions expand upon the microanalysis elements from the controlled assessment A02; the paper will also cover marketing and a creative writing task.

Summer 1 Exam – Paper 2 – Exploring Film Outside Hollywood

Students will analyse representation and cultures within the film Bend it Like Beckham, exploring the different representations of gender, ethnicities, traditions, culture and age. This will also have a final question, which will require justified critical review around these themes.

Mock Exams – Paper 1 and 2, on going to prepare students for exam format and content.

Summer 2 Examinations


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Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5

GCE ‘A’ Level Film Studies is a linear A Level with one coursework module, set as an exam board brief, and two exam modules that must be taken at the end of Year 13.

Students completing the course have a good grounding for any Humanities or Arts Critical Studies course in HE and will find it of value to back up a more practical Level 3 Media course in pursuing a more practical degree level Media course.

Year 12

Autumn 1 European and World Film – Pan’s Labyrinth

Modernism and Silent Cinema – Buster Keaton

Animation Shorts

Autumn 2 Recent Hollywood and Contemporary Independent American Film – No Country for Old Men and Winter’s Bone

European and World Film – House of Flying Daggers

Spring 1 Documentary Film – Amy

Avant Garde and Postmodernism – Pulp Fiction

Spring 2 Revisiting Keaton Shorts and Animation Shorts

Learning Production Coursework – Screenwriting, Storyboarding and Evaluation

Summer 1 Y12 Revision
Summer 2 Y12 Revision


Year 13

Autumn 1 Recent UK Film – Trainspotting and Fish Tank
Autumn 2 Assessed Production Coursework
Spring 1 American Film 1930-60 and New Hollywood – The Studio System and New Hollywood

Casablanca and Do The Right Thing

Spring 2 American Film 1930-60 and New Hollywood – Auteur Theory
Summer 1 Revision
Summer 2 Revision and Exams

Key Information

  • Exam Board: WJEC
  • Lessons per week: 2 Sessions – Morning and Afternoon

Examination Details

Each exam component has four sections.  The course organisation focuses on a section at a time but doesn’t focus on one paper at a time.

  • Component 1 – Filmmaking and Spectatorship – assessed by a 2h30m exam – 35% of final grade
  • Component 2 – Varieties of Global Film – assessed by a 2h30m exam – 35% of final grade
  • Component 3 – Production – Coursework – 30% of final grade

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