Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

The History GCSE builds on the literacy and competencies developed in Key Stage 3. Through an exploration of the cause, consequence and significance of key events, people and changes in both depth and breadth studies, national and international, students are expertly placed to both sit exams but also explain the world in which we live today.

Key Information

  • Exam Board: Edugas
  • Lessons per week: 2 sessions

Examination Details

  • 1A Conflict and Upheaval: England 1337-1381 (1 hour)
  • 1G Germany in Transition 1919-1939 (1 hour)
  • 2A Development of the USA 1929-2000 (45 minutes)
  • 2E Changes in Crime and Punishment c500 to the present day (1 hour 15 minutes)

Please note that this course outline is based on the Eduqas in the draft specification. Content may be subject to change once confirmation has been received by Ofqual.

Year 9

Autumn 1 Medicine Through Time

Students’ complete a practice unit that is not externally examined. This allows students to develop key historical skills and prepares them for the rigours of looking at a study over time. They will look at progress made in the Ancient World and look at the impact of the fall of Rome.

Autumn 2 Medicine Through Time

Students’ continue with the practice unit covering the Black Death, improvements in the Renaissance and modern medical improvements.

Spring 1 Crime and Punishment

Students will begin by looking at crime in Medieval and Saxon times. They will consider crimes as varied as vagrancy and heresy and will analyse forms of punishment and attitudes to punishments. They will also be expected to display an understanding of how there was a communal and family responsibility for preventing crime.

Spring 2 Crime and Punishment

The Tudor and Stuart period will be covered here. They will look at the economic conditions that created crime and the Tudor treatment of vagabonds. They will consider the impact of harsh punishments and evaluate the impact of these punishments at reducing crime.

Summer 1 Crime and Punishment

They will consider the changes to policing and punishments during the 18th and 19th Century. They will look at the creation of groups such as the Bow St Runners and will analyse changing methods of punishment such as the use transportation.

Summer 2 Crime and Punishment

Students will study the impact of modern technology both in causing crime and in detecting crime. They will also look at the rehabilitation of prisoners and modern methods of dealing with criminals. They will consider the changing role of the police in  recent times.

Students will also study a historical site. Their knowledge and understanding of this site will be assessed during the Crime and Punishment examination.

Year 10

Autumn 1 Conflict and Upheaval: England 1337-1381


Students’ will study what life was like in the 14th Century. They will also analyse the start of the Hundred Years’ War, considering Edward III’s claim and the role of Phillip of France.

Autumn 2 Conflict and Upheaval: England 1337-1381


During this half term students will look closely at the events that shaped the Hundred Years’ War. They will also look closely at the short term impact of the Black Death on English society.

Spring 1 Conflict and Upheaval: England 1337-1381


Students will look closely at the long term impact of the Black Death. They will link its impact on peasant discontent and finish by looking at the Peasants’ Revolt.

Spring 2 Germany in Transition 1919 -1939


This unit will look closely at the impact of the First World War and the problems faced in the fledgling years of the Weimar Republic. The recovery under the careful stewardship of Chancellor Stresemann will also be closely scrutinised.

Summer 1 Germany in Transition 1919- 1939


Students will study the Nazi rise to power and then look at how Hitler and the Nazis consolidated their power. They will study a variety of sources whilst gaining an understanding of key events such as the Reichstag Fire and the Enabling Act.

Summer 2 Germany in Transition 1919- 1939


Students will look at the changes that Hitler made whilst in power and consider the impact of the use of terror and persuasion before finally looking at Hitler’s foreign policy.


Year 11

Autumn 1 Development of the USA 1929-2000


Students will consider the how the USA was affected by the Great Depression. They will then identify the impact of the Second World War and any post war developments.


Autumn 2 Development of the USA 1929-2000


This section will look at the importance of civil rights and will consider, among other key issues; The contribution of black Americans to the war effort; the issue of education –Brown vs Topeka, Little Rock High; Montgomery


Spring 1 Development of the USA 1929-2000


Students will look at the key social and political changes in the USA between 1950 and 2000. They will also gain an understanding of the key events of the Cold War and the subsequent search for peace.

Spring 2 Revision
Summer 1 Revision


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