Integrated Studies

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

Integrated Studies is a literacy and skills based curriculum which allows your child to develop the skills needed to study at GCSE level and beyond.  Students study a range of thematic topics over the two year course. In Year 7, they develop a broad knowledge of specific areas and develop the skills needed for a more in depth study of topics in year 8.  The topics chosen allow your child to cover a range of traditional subjects within each topic including PSHE, History and Geography.

Key Information

  • Lessons per week
    • Year 7: 6 sessions
    • Year 8: 4 sessions

Year 7

Autumn 1 Adventure

Students investigate and discuss issues facing real life adventurers while developing a range of reading strategies.

Autumn 2 Disasters

Students investigate a range of natural disasters. They investigate short and long term effects and investigate how charities respond to disasters.

Spring 1 Our Rights

This unit look at the issue of children’s rights before looking at the rights and responsibilities of people in society including the role of parliament, democracy and laws.

Spring 2 A World of Contrast

Students examine the idea of communities in Britain by investigating the culture and traditions of different countries around the world and comparing this to life in the UK.

Summer 1 The Changing Face of Health

Students explore the development of medicine across time, investigating how attitudes towards health have adapted and changed.

Summer 2 Perception vs Reality

Students investigate how portraits and images have been used including political portraits from the past to media images used today.

Year 8

Autumn 1 Culture

Student investigate the concept of culture through a range of different forms such as art, music, and photography.

Autumn 2 Revolutions

Students learn about famous people and their discoveries from the Renaissance period to the present day. They debate issues surrounding these discoveries and their significance.

Spring 1  Crime and Punishment

Students develop their debating skills by looking at crime and punishment and how this has changed over time.

Spring 2  Our Rights

Students build upon their knowledge of children’s rights by investigating the importance of human rights and how people have protested to gain these rights in the past.

Summer 1 Conflict and Cooperation

Students gain an understanding of differing types of conflict around the world from the past to the present. They investigate the roles of different organisations within this such as The UN.


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