Revision Resources

Business Studies

Useful revision resources and links for Business Studies

Revision guides are available for £5.00 which includes a revision guide and a workbook. Class teachers will happily mark any extra work done at home and brought in.

Tutor2u – Particularly good for A Level Business and A Level Economics, but a wealth of relevant GCSE and topical news material available too:

BBC Bitesize Business:

Fabulous Business Studies quizzes and activities:


Useful revision resources and links for Citizenshipcitizenship_fig_3

We sell revision guides for £4.00 – if you buy them from Amazon they are £10.99.

Keep up with the news, in particular politics and business really helps to develop examples that can be used in the exam and controlled assessment.

BBC Learning:

Youtube – great revision videos available

Education quizzes:

MP for a Week – Game

History of the Houses of Parliament:

How Parliament Works:
British Red Cross Humanitarian Resources, Stories and Activities:

TED Talks: Phenomenal site with a plethora of video talks from experts in almost every field.  Engaging and relevant:

BMW website for students on sustainable energy:

Global Connections – helps young people to understand the global connections and the need to protect our planet:

Newsround – topical issues for young people to digest easily:

Fairly left wing newspaper:

Fairly right wing newspaper:


Useful revision resources and links for Geography

Cool Geography:

Watch and listen to the News!

You can pick up a revision guide for £3.00.


Useful revision resources and links for Maths



Useful revision resources and links for Science

Revision Timetable 2017 – Download

BBC Bitesize Science:

FreeScienceLessons on YouTube:


Useful revision resources and links for English

Year 10 Guide to English Language and Literature: Parents Guide to the new GCSE


Useful revision resources and links for Dance

GCSE Dance Revision Guides: