Head Boy and Head Girl

optimized-headboygirl_1-copyThroughout my time at Heath Park I have enjoyed taking part in numerous activities and events. These have included playing in a variety of sports including football, dodgeball, basketball and tennis, where I represented Heath Park at regional level. I have also played an active part in school productions like The Diary of Anne Frank, and taken part in academic challenges such as the senior team maths challenge at the University of Wolverhampton.

I have completed a GCE A Level in Maths and I am currently studying GCE A Level Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. My ambition is to go to university and study Natural Sciences but I am open to various career paths after that.

While at Heath Park I have really enjoyed the concept of giving back. I earnestly believe that it is my duty to say ‘thank you’ for the quality teaching I have received and the skills I have gained from the teaching and learning experience. I have therefore helped out at Open Evenings where possible, have acted as a prefect in Year 12, and was delighted to be offered the role of Head Boy after applying at the end of last year.

I will be working very hard to ensure that my leadership role will be remembered for the right reasons, both in the short term but also with a longer term legacy. I will strive to represent my fellow students while also helping to ensure that all students ‘give back’ in the way that I hope to model.

Heath Park has been a brilliant experience and helped prepare me for later life, and while not yet finished, is one I want to share with others whenever possible. Being Head Boy is a challenge but one I will embrace.

Daniel Williams-Ruiz – Head Boy




optimized-headboygirl_9-copyI truly believe that “That education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. So to be gifted with position of Head Girl is a great honour to me. To be given a platform to interact and make a positive influence to more students is phenomenal.

I currently study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Music and hope to pursue a career in Medicine after Heath Park.

Heath Park has given me opportunities to learn skills such as leadership and teamwork, and to establish values such as responsibility, empathy and respect to name a few. I continue to cultivate and develop them each and everyday. So when put into situations when they are needed, I waste no time at all in applying them.

As well as musical interests I particularly favour documentaries. But my favourite hobby is without a doubt finding out about new and obscure things that I wouldn’t have otherwise known and straying from what is popular and current. This may be why I am so adamant to continue on to higher education, to continue learning.

Heath Park has allowed me to make unforgettable memories, has allowed me to push myself to achieve, and allowed me to make lasting bonds with peers I otherwise would not have met. Giving back in any way would allow me to showcase even a fraction of my gratitude.

Lisa Mwita – Head Girl