Medical Mavericks

Health & Social Care arranged for students to take part in a Medical Mavericks workshop. Students from Years 12 and 10, used lots of different health care equipment to take readings for basic medical observations.

Students carried out respiratory tests, used an iPhone to scan an image of their retina, used a pulse doppler, took blood from Andy’s fake arm, recorded and printed an ECG, attempted key hole surgery, sutured fake skin, lots of funny walks wearing pathology googles, tried on an ageing suit, intubated Eddy the Head and tested their hearing and reflexes.

Our students had a very hands on experience using a variety of technical medical equipment. The workshop also included careers information in Healthcare Science and Medicine. Interacting with the Medical Mavericks team was also very useful, a number of them are studying Medicine at the University of Birmingham.

We would like to thank Tom and his team at Medical Mavericks for an exciting and engaging workshop.

There are numerous career prospects in the NHS. For more information click on

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