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A Celebration of Black History Month

For the month of October students and staff at Heath Park will be celebrating Black History Month 2020.

This year we are conducting a Virtual Black History Month #BHMVirtual2020. Students & staff will have the opportunity to engage in a range of activities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the diverse Black & Ethnic Minority community in Britain. Alongside significant BAME figures in various sectors of society and their remarkable achievements.

See below a selection of links for you to engage in Heath Parks #BHMVirtual2020

BHM – Video 1 – The things you need to know

View Video

BHM – Video 2 – A Celebration of BAME Art

View Video

BHM – Video 3 – BAME British Significant Figures

View Video

BHM – Video 4 – QUOTES

View Video

Watch this space for students and the work they engaged with during the month of October ‘Black History Month’. #BHMVirtual2020