Heath Park’s Local Executive Governing Body (LEGB) is a partnership of governing bodies alongside Moseley Park. The LEGB is accountable to the Trust’s Board of Directors and is under the direction of the Executive Headteacher.

The LEGB essentially fulfils the same role as the Governing Body of a maintained school. Their focus is the core business of their pupils’ attainment and progress.

If you would like more information about the structure of the LEGB and what it is responsible for within the CLPT you can find more information on the CLPT site, found here.

Chair of Heath Park LEGB: Susan Constable

Download the Latest Governing Body Meeting Attendance – 2019/20

Name Category Term of Office Register of Business Interests 2019/2020 Other Governance Roles
Dr Afua Adu-Boateng – Vice Chair, Moseley Park Parent 17th October 2016 – 16th October 2020 Nil
Susan Constable – Chair Co-Opted 26th March 2017 –      25th March 2021 Nil
Jane Elwell Staff 3rd May 2017 –     2nd May 2021 Nil
Nadia Foster Staff 16th March 2015 – 15th March 2019 Nil Governor at D’Eyncourt Primary School
Georgetta Holloway OBE Executive Headteacher Married to Douglas Selkirk, CLPT CEO  /  Sister to Jonny Holloway, Teacher at Moseley Park Governor at Heath Park & Moseley Park
Rev. Richard Merrick Co-Opted 19th March 2015 – 18th March 2019 Nil Governor at Trinity Church of England Primary School
Ammar Mustafa Parent 4th February 2016 – 3rd February 2020 Nil
Phil Williams Trust Governor at Wolverhampton Schools in CLPT
Joan Pilsbury – Vice Chair, Heath Park Co-Opted Governor 1st Decemeber 2016 -3rd November 2020 Nil CLPT Member
Melvyn Pope Co-Opted 1st December 2015 – 30th November 2019 Nil
Jagdeep Sangha Co-Opted 13th February 2018 –  12th February 2022 Nil
Douglas Selkirk Trust Married to Georgetta Holloway, Executive Headteacher of Heath Park, Moseley Park Governor at all Schools in CLPT
Emma Woodhouse Co-Opted 19th June 2017 –         18th June 2021 Nil Chair of Governors at Woodthorne Primary School. Chair of Governors at Jesson’s C of E Primary School, Trustee at Perry Hall Trust
Sanjeev Sansoy Parent