Name Category Term of Office Register of Business Interests 2018/2019 LEGB -09/10/2018 LEGB -28/02/2019 LEGB
Other Governance Roles
Dr Afua Adu-Boateng – Vice Chair, Moseley Park Parent 17th October 2016 – 16th October 2020 Nil Y Y NS
Susan Constable – Chair Co-Opted 26th March 2017 –      25th March 2021 Nil N Y Y
Jane Elwell Staff 3rd May 2017 –     2nd May 2021 Nil Y Y Y
Nadia Foster Staff 16th March 2015 – 15th March 2019 Nil Y Y Y Governor at D’Eyncourt Primary School
Georgetta Holloway OBE Executive Headteacher Married to Douglas Selkirk, CLPT CEO  /  Sister to Jonny Holloway, Teacher at Moseley Park Y Y Y Governor at Heath Park & Moseley Park
Rev. Richard Merrick Co-Opted 19th March 2015 – 18th March 2019 Nil Y Y Y Governor at Trinity Church of England Primary School
Ammar Mustafa Parent 4th February 2016 – 3rd February 2020 Nil Y NS NS
Karen Newey and/or Phil Williams Trust Husban of Karen Newey – Summit Garage (Dudley) Ltd Husband of Karen Newey – Car Leasing Bargains Ltd                        Phil Williams – Nil Y N  – Governor at Wolverhampton Schools in CLPT
Joan Pilsbury – Vice Chair, Heath Park Co-Opted Governor 1st Decemeber 2016 -3rd November 2020 Nil Y N N CLPT Member
Melvyn Pope Co-Opted 1st December 2015 – 30th November 2019 Nil NS Y Y
Jagdeep Sangha Co-Opted 13th February 2018 –  12th February 2022 Nil Y N N
Daljit Sangha Parent 29th September 2015 – 28th September 2019 Nil NS NS
Douglas Selkirk Trust Married to Georgetta Holloway, Executive Headteacher of Heath Park, Moseley Park Y Y Y Governor at all Schools in CLPT
Karen Williams Parent 19th May 2015 –          18th May 2019 Nil N NS
Emma Woodhouse Co-Opted 19th June 2017 –         18th June 2021 Nil Y N Y Chair of Governors at Woodthorne Primary School. Chair of Governors at Jesson’s C of E Primary School, Trustee at Perry Hall Trust