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An Orchestral Adventure Through Time

On February 6th, we took the whole of Year 7 to The Halls in Wolverhampton to watch the Wolverhampton Symphony Orchestra.

The students really enjoyed the experience of seeing a live orchestra and specifically liked how the Programme took us on a journey through time and all over the world. The 107 piece orchestra played a wide variety of repertoire from Vivaldi’s Spring to the film score from How to Train Your Dragon.

The students were encouraged to do some Hoe-Down moves from America when they performed Hoe-Down from Rodeo and Bollywood dance moves when they played Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire.

The students loved seeing how the Dhol player fit into the orchestra!

2 of our students were on stage performing with the Wolverhampton Symphony Orchestra and did us so proud.  We were sitting by the dressing rooms after the first concert and our Year 7 students treated them (and all of the players) like celebrities! If you see Ema Kelpsaite or Nathan Caligdong today then please tell them how incredible they are.

All of the students will also be given their very own programme tomorrow which has virtual QR codes for them to scan to learn more about the instruments they heard and some of the incredible opportunities they can experience in school, and with the music service as they carry on through their secondary school journey.

We cannot wait to do this again next year!