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Business Society Brand and Product Development

Business society has been busy creating their own chocolate bars in the past few weeks. From initial ideas they have grown and blossomed into amazing products which taste just as amazing. But it was not the chocolate bar ideas themselves that blossomed the creative individual who made them did too and got to experience food preparation and product development for the first time and grew a passion for it, some even saying they cannot wait for their GCSE options so that they can choose business, graphics, and food preparation as their subjects. Each of these subjects came into play during this session and even students who already take these options had never done this so it was something new for everyone.  
Marshmallows, cookies, sprinkles, and more were put into these bars of chocolate which they created all on their own and molded into the shape which would reflect their branding. Some chose a more romantic style and opted for the heart mold and added their favorite snacks to them but others chose the cracked mold which then they filled with white chocolate to create an amazing speckled stone look.  

Each person in Business Society loved this activity and cannot wait for something more like this in the future and we hope others join us on this venture as we do more product design and fun activities which involve skills which others may have never used before.