Business Society Experience How the World of Business Works

During this term the Business Society embarked upon their first trip. After a busy year of initiatives;

  • How to start your own business
  • Activities for the ‘African Market’ event for  Black History Month
  • Christmas Fayre activities
  • Milkshake Friday Easter Special
  • Money Matters Mentors Programme,

16 of the 25 members were taken for a tour of the Wolverhampton Wanders Molineux football grounds which was accompanied by presentation and question and answer session, in relation to ‘How The World of Business Works’. The session was delivered by Molineux’s General Catering Manager Fidel Ebanks.

The Society members were treated to light refreshments and displayed excitement whilst Mr Ebanks shared the inner working of the company and how they sustain the club. With an informative session to start the trip, the students were provided with information packs to take back to school.

The society members were courteous and sensible as they were introduced to key areas around the grounds. The tour included the new WV1 stand, reporter’s box, executive suits, the pitch and the player’s quarters all which helped the members to establish the scope of the catering teams facilities.

This trip exposed members to the reality of the business world. Having the opportunity to explore this iconic landmark in Wolverhampton helped to build the aspirations of the members and forge a greater understanding of work ethic.

Before the end of our Molineux experience it seemed fitting to conduct our handover ceremony where the new steering committee for Business Society 2017-2018 were welcomed in and the new chairperson was named.

I would like to personally thank Monique Ebanks-Clarke, Charlotte Grove, Hollie Barnes and Santanna Prince for steering the Business Society in 2016-2017. Their input, confidence and drive have helped to raise the bar in terms of what we can achieve as a Society.

I have every confidence that Rajneet Chaggar, Llana Rees, Seerat Dhillon and our newly appointed chair person, Santanna Prince, will take the mantle and raise our game even further.

It has been a very good year for the Business Society, I hope that the next academic year brings even greater success!

Miss Smith-Brown