Business Society Pitch Workshop at Trinity Primary

This Spring, Heath Parks ‘Business Society’ pitched a financial independence workshop to  intrigued primary school students. Six members of the Business Society, four year 8’s and two year 10 steering committee members, addressed an audience of sixty year 6 pupils at Trinity Primary School.

The society members shared their personal achievements and positive experiences thus far, in an attempt to share the value of the society programs to date. They were warmly received and eagerly awaited at the end of the presentation when Trinity students interacted with the members through conversation and Q&A.

We look forward to starting the workshops next term and working with Trinity once more.

Although nerves were felt, the delivery was a complete success!

Reflections from a society member and Trinity member of staff are below.

Trinity staff member:

“I was blown away by the presentation you and the students did today. The whole presentation was engaging for all of the children, everything flowed really well and your speaking was so clear and concise. The students were really impressive too, I was pleasantly surprised by their confidence and understanding.”

Business society member: 

“Promoting business society and the ‘Money Management Mentors’ program was an overjoying experience, as I got the chance to engage with young people… It was also a pleasure seeing the range of pupils so enthusiastic about business.”