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Cardiac Risk in the Young – Heart Screening Event

Cardiac Risk in the Young ( CRY) Heart Screening Event at Heath Park 11th July 2023

We were extremely proud and privileged to have been able to host a CRY heart screening event for Heath Park students in memory of Pardeep Nagra, an ex-student who died suddenly following a cardiac arrest at 26 years old.

Pardeep Nagra died from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, or SADs, which kills at least 12 young people a week. His parents, Resham and Dalbag Nagra have been raising funds for 15 years to make sure young people are screened for any heart defects before it’s too late. We are so proud to say that Heath Park students have hosted a number of fundraising events over the last year in order to support the event. Mrs Nagra also donated a defibrillator to Heath Park last year and this has since been accessed multiple times to provide life-saving medical treatment to those in the community who needed it.

We are planning to continue to raise funds in order to support further CRY screening events at HeathPark in the future.