1. Our Approach to Careers

Heath Park welcomes our statutory duty to secure independent careers guidance for all year 8 to 11 as per ‘The Government’s careers strategy’.

In line with our outstanding academic achievements here at Heath Park, we aim to provide a rounded, fair and challenging careers programme for our young people that challenges stereotypes, raises aspirations and showcases the equality of opportunity that is accessible to today’s learners if they are given the right guidance.

The importance of CEIAG at Heath Park

For each Key Stage and each year, we have objectives which we aim to meet in each aspect of CEIAG. This is based on the CDI framework and shows progression as students move through the school.

Heath Park looks to progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks which are used to evaluate the quality of CEIAG provision. We use the Compass online tool but also take the opportunity with every CEIAG activity to ask the students what they gained and how it can be improved for future cohorts.

CEIAG is written into all the School Improvement Plan at Heath Park because we believe that it is a fundamental part of our responsibility to children to support their development and to ensure it remains a clear focus for the school.

CEIAG is part of regular reports to the governing body who take an active interest in not only engagement with the wider community but also the destinations of our students.

The Student Union has a specific branch tasked to look at CEIAG in all its forms to ensure that we need the needs of all students and respond to their interests and inclinations.

Meet our CEIAG Team

Heath Park has a School Careers Lead, Miss Rainsford (Assistant Headteacher). Alongside Miss Rainsford Year Leads for each year support CEIAG in each year group.


Miss Rainsford, Careers Lead, Assistant Headteacher

Miss Foster (Year 7) Mr Fox (Year 8) Mrs Bland (Year 9) Mr O’Connor (Year 10) Mr Ratcliffe (Year 11) Mr Golding (Post 16)


We work closely with Connexions to support next steps for all young people. Miss Horton is our Connexions Adviser.

Wilmott Dixon

Our Enterprise Adviser is Jordan from Wilmott Dixon