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Chess Champion of Champions Tournament

The stakes were raised in the Champion of Champions tournament and the quality of chess was outstanding. There were a couple of absences in the morning so we had to bring in subs. The start list for the teams is below.

The results are below:

The final board to finish of the tournament was 10SS(3) v Y10(3). This went right to the wire and 10SS(3) won the thrilling game. If Y10(3) would have won, they would have clinched second place but alas, not to be. What a close finish. 10SS has won every one of their rounds in the qualifiers and the final. Incredible feat.

What gifted chess players we have and what an incredible series of tournaments.

The top players were (wins out of 7):

Board 1 (Best Players in each team):
Isharvir Karir, 9JN 6
Borjie Estoya, 7RM 5.5
Namish Grewal, 10CB 5
Luis Aliwanag, 9CK 4.5
Board 2:
Jayden Myring, 10SS 7
Jian Hua Guo, 8WE 6
Laljit Singh, 10SW 5
Keten Kandola, 9PN 3
Board 3:
Kurtis Wynne-Jones, 8ST 6.5
Lucy Banks, 10SS 6
Filip Broniek, 7OM 4.5
Wiktoria Wasilewska, 8JS 4

Well done to all!