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A massive well done to all the students in Year 11 and 13 who have been rewarded for their efforts with fantastic results.

For Year 13, it is just so lovely to see such a wonderful group of students go on to such positive destinations across the country. We will all be safe in the hands of our future doctors, politicians and lawyers, be marvelling at the success of our soon-to-be film makers, artists and writers, and be indebted to our next generation of financial wizards, educators and counsellors.


For Year 11, there are some tremendous personal successes alongside the sea of great grades. Watching this group grow as learners and young people has been a privilege and these grades are what you deserve. Its great to be part of the next part of your journey with many of you as you continue in Central Sixth but for those leaving for pastures new, we wish you well with all that comes.


The pandemic has brought challenges for all making their way in the world and we are humbled by your resilience, commitment and success.


Here’s to great things for the future.