Easter Revision Sessions

As students come to the end of their examination courses, we would like to offer a range of extra support during the Easter break.

Revision is vital for these linear examinations, where two or three years of study is judged on one or two examinations. These additional sessions will give your child an opportunity to work with staff to identify their needs and work towards addressing any problems.

We would also like to offer the opportunity for a space for personal study from 10 – 12 each day in the library.

As parents, you can support this by working with your child to:

  • work out a revision timetable for each subject
  • break revision time into small chunks – hour-long sessions with short breaks at the end of each session often work well
  • make sure your child has all the essential books and materials
  • condense notes onto postcards to act as revision prompts
  • go through school notes with your child or listen while they revise a topic
  • time your child’s attempts at practice papers

If you have any questions about the sessions that are being run, about the assessment or content of the courses, or how you as parents can support your child in a particular subject, please contact the Learning Leader.



10 – 12

The Library will also be available for personal study

12 – 2

Monday 15-Apr-19 PS/ BW English Literature
Tuesday 16-Apr-19 PS English Language
Wednesday 17-Apr-19 WR ICT (for identified students)

Maths Foundation

Thursday 18-Apr-19 WR Maths Higher
Tuesday 23-Apr-19 RY Geography

A1 Biology

B1 Chemistry

Trilogy Physics

Trilogy Biology

A1 Chemistry

A2 Physics

Wednesday 24-Apr-19 BA



B1 Biology

A2 Chemistry

A1 Chemistry

Triple Biology

Trilogy Chemistry

Thursday 25-Apr-19 HD / WH / SD Art Art
Friday 26-Apr-19 BA History Dance