Exams Results Days 2019

The results days and times for this year’s exams are as follows:

A Levels and Level 3: Thursday 15th August, 10am-12pm all year groups

GCSE and Level 2: Thursday 22nd August, 10am-12pm all year groups

If students are unable to come in to school to collect their results in person then there are two options available:

  1. You can send a representative to collect your results for you. This person will need to bring a signed note from you stating that you gave them permission to collect your results.
  2. Results can be posted out. If you wish for your results to be posted then you will need to provide school with a stamped, addressed envelope by 18th July. This is due to our posting service being unavailable during the school holidays. Posted results should arrive on the results dates above, but this will depend on the postal system, and the postage you included on the envelope.