Heath Park 13 – 1 SWBA – Year 9

Starting line up: Ciaran Cooper, Dante Mcleoud, Kiane Martin, Alan Mendy, Goran Sangha, Aarondeep Khalon, Callum Cottee, Jamahl Williams, Adas Salna, Jeevan Purewall & Luke Sarulla.
Subs: Ben Hopkins, Shakeen James, Elliot Rutter, Dylan Hensel, Zak Halard, Lamar Mckelop.

Kicking off the season, the year 9 team dusted off the cobwebs from the summer by beating SWBA 13-1. the game saw 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, a hat-trick scored by Aarrondeep Khalon. The game ended with a comfortable 6-1 lead at half time with 3 more goals being scored. One more by Aarondeep and one goal each from Jeevan & Luke.

The half time team talk from Mr. Fox was an inspiring one, substitutes entering the second half saw Aarondeep Khalon and Adas Salna replaced by Dylan Hensel and Elliot Rutter.

Throughout the second half SWBA battled well but Heath Park dominated the game. Substitute Ben Hopkins made his debut appearance performing well on all accounts. Another 7 goals came for Heath park during the second half, highlights including a stunning chip over the keeper from Jamahl and Jeevan bagging two more goals securing his hat-trick. With only a couple minutes left to go, the score stood at 12-1 to heath park, until Luke Sarullo scored a phenomenal screamer from outside the box rocketing top bins, the assist coming from Goran after a quick one-two pass helped Luke also secure three goals.

A massive congratulations to everyone especially to Aarondeep Khalon scoring 4 goals and claiming man of the match. Well done guys. Keep it up!

Match report written by Shakeen James.