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Heath Park RAF Summer Camp 2019

A number of our RAF cadets attended an annual RAF summer camp at RAF Inskip Cadet Centre. The aim of the camp was to give cadets a range of different experiences with an emphasis on developing teamwork and leadership skills. It also provided the cadets with an opportunity to experience life on a RAF camp and helped to give some context to their RAF training over the past year.

During the camp cadets were provided with an opportunity to aim for promotion and demonstrate their leadership skills. As a result, eight cadets were promoted and rewarded the rank of Lance Corporal.

“I have had an awesome time” was some of the feedback from the cadets who attended, other comments included:

“My Go Ape experience, as somebody who is terrified of heights, was amazing. It tested my fears and made me realise that I can do so much more than i think. It also made me realise that I need to believe in myself more. Not only did it help me get over my fear of heights but it also challenged my teamwork skills as we worked together to help each other cross the course as safely as possible. Overall we all had a great time and we all managed to walk away from the course with proud and exhausted faces” –  NG

“This has taught us resilience, discipline, has shown us how our leadership skills can develop and has taught us how we survive in the wild” – SB

“We learned how to set up bivis, we got taught how to survive in the wild, we were able to cook meals on our own” – ER

“Attacking the house was amazing, learned camouflage and concealment, cooking was useful” –  NK

“This summer camp was something different, I had never imagined myself joining CCF but when I joined it changed the way I use to think about things and how important each role is in CCF. CCF gave me so many opportunities like flying an actual plane, camping in woods with actual camping equipment, eating hot food without any electricity or gas. Not only are you proud but your peers your family and friends look up to you. Overall it was an amazing experience if anyone love adventure i think that joining CCF is the best option” – JK