Peer Mentoring

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer Mentoring helps to provide positive influences for younger people who may need a little extra attention or support to help them through a difficult situation. For example, a young person who has recently lost a parent or close family member or who has experienced neglect or abuse or who simply feels lonely or uncomfortable in large group situations may especially benefit from the support, attention, and kindness of a peer mentor, along with other support systems.(National Youth Network)

In our continuing effort in providing the best educational opportunity and experience to all our pupils, Heath Park is committed to the development of the Peer Mentoring Scheme within the school. Our main aim is to ensure that all students enjoy their school experience and maximise their full potential as a student.

The Peer Mentoring Scheme is seen as an important component of the student support network within the school. The school believes that young people are quite often best placed through their own experiences to help and support other young people to overcome any issues or concerns impacting on their well being, academic progress or school experience.

Our Aim

“Our mission is to ensure the development and growth of the Peer Mentoring Scheme by empowering and providing the opportunity for young people to support each other and to ensure all students aspire and maximise their potential and receive the best learning experience that the school is able to provide.”

Peer Mentoring Selection Process

Students from all year groups throughout the school are given the opportunity to apply for a Peer Mentor position. The Peer Mentor selection process consists of:

  • Application Form
  • An Interview with the Senior Peer Mentors
  • Six Training Sessions