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A message for all our parents.

We are extremely proud to have retained the Leading Parent Partnership Award since 2016. The partnership with parents is such an integral part of everything we do at school and we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen this relationship.


What is LPPA?

The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)  helps school to work in partnership with all parents and carers Increasing parental participation in school life leads to improved pupil progress, punctuality, attendance and behaviour. The framework encourages parents to be involved in their children’s learning leading to improved outcomes in all aspects of school life.


  • Supports the effective transition of children and families through or between schools
  • Increases participation in school life by including all groups of parents in their children’s learning and in developing their own learning.
  • Improves communication by ensuring school is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents.
  • Provides clear guidance on the responsibilities of parents, school and pupils and enhances the induction process.
  • Helps to support the production of parent-friendly policies to establish effective home-school links.

We are very much looking forward to applying to be reassessed in March 2022- this will give us an opportunity share the ways in which we have supported families over the last three years during times which have been challenging and difficult for all. We look forward to keeping you post