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Our Artsmark Certified School

At Heath Park we are proud to be working towards being an Artsmark Certified School. Artsmark is the only creative quality standard for schools and education settings, accredited by Arts Council England.

The Quality Principles are embedded throughout the Artsmark framework to support and achieve ambitions for a high-quality arts and cultural provision for all children and young people.  ​

The seven Quality Principles are:

  1. Striving for excellence and innovation​
  2. Being authentic
  3. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging​
  4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience​
  5. Actively involving children and young people​
  6. Enabling personal progression​
  7. Developing belonging and ownership​

What will this look like at Heath Park? ​

Our Artsmark Journey

We began our Artsmark journey in September 2023, when we pledged our commitment to raising the profile, accessibility and engagement in the arts at Heath Park and in the community. Over the next two years, as a whole school, we will be working towards:

Developing ownership and belonging by creating consistent ways of sharing work and achievements with parents, students and other stakeholders. ​

  • Enlist a team of student ‘Arts Ambassadors’ to drive change.​
  • Involve a range of stake holders in influencing and enhancing our arts offer​
  • Taking the ‘arts’ out into the community​
  • Bringing the community into the ‘arts’​
  • Hold events to promote and celebrate successes​
  • Share students work in wider community.​
  • Celebrate student work around school.​
  • Challenge the stereotype.​
  • Promote inclusivity-history and heritage​

Developing further links with practitioners and organisations who are a part of the wider arts community. ​

  • Advocate for students through community platforms.​
  • Continue to work/engage with Arts programmes & institutions-Universities, Primary schools, Arts connect, art gallery to enhance and secure career opportunities. ​
  • Upskill the deliverers in the arts in primary school and promote how the arts can support important employability skills.​

Arts mark is awarded in the following categories: We will be working towards achieving platinum