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Post 16 Roadshow

On Monday 21st November Year 11 students attended the Post 16 roadshow. This was to help them make informed decisions not only about subjects and courses at Central Sixth but also college and apprenticeships.  The morning was a huge success with Year 11 students gaining valuable information as they move onto the next stage of their Education.
A massive well done to Post 16 students who represented subjects amazingly and provided Year 11 with lots of information!

Some quotes from Year 11 students received on the day:

” I have been informed on extra knowledge on the courses and also been able to hear about their opinions”

“information about 6th form has helped me choose what options I want to choose. This has been really helpful”

“This session has been really helpful and informative. It’s made me feel more comfortable about my subject choice”

“This session has helped me understand what pathway I would like to take”