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Central Sixth

Central Sixth is the joint sixth form operating between Heath Park, Moseley Park and Coppice.

At Central Sixth we aim to equip students with knowledge, skills and ambition. They are encouraged to develop not only their subject knowledge but also the confidence and independence to apply this mastery in new surroundings and situations. We ask them to strive for excellence, grasp opportunities and crave self-improvement.

Our goal is that young people leaving our sixth form is not bound by societal expectations or perceived barriers to success but are instead comfortable in any professional or personal setting they choose.

At Central Sixth, students:

  • Are engaged and interested in the content they study and keen to explore beyond the curriculum.
  • Face academic challenges and are encouraged to challenge the ideas of others.
  • Have a thirst for learning, a depth of knowledge and a mastery of the skills required.
  • Investigate and question for themselves and are not simply told the answer.
  • Are independent and resilient, looking forward to the difficult question without fear of failure.