Head Boy and Head Girl

Millie Cullis

I am extremely proud to be given the privilege of making a difference as Head Girl. It is a pleasure to be a role model for students across the school, and to give back to the school that has given me the opportunity to grow as a person. I am looking forward to encouraging younger students to speak out and help to create change within Heath Park.
I am currently studying History and Psychology as well as English Literature and Language. I hope to go to university after Year 13 to continue studying Psychology, with the aim to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology.
Throughout Sixth Form, teachers have encouraged me to take opportunities that will help me on my path to university; I have attended UNIQ, Oxford’s Summer School, where I improved my public speaking skills and gained confidence. This experience has inspired me to motivate other students to take all the opportunities available to them and take an active role in their educational experience.
Working together with a fantastic team of Student Ambassadors, I am excited to organise a strong Student Council to promote the student voice and facilitate the younger years in contributing to the school community. I want to share my passion for learning and work with students throughout the school to have a positive impact.


Millie Hayes

I am extremely privileged to represent Heath Park students as Head girl and be able to act as a role model to younger year groups. A way in which I’d like to influence students is to encourage them to take advantage of every opportunity Heath Park has to offer as I am thoroughly grateful of what the school has given me, and I am enthusiastic to give back.

Throughout my time at Heath Park I have been an active member of the school community, immersing myself in extracurricular activities such as the Debate Society and the School Orchestra playing the trombone. Building my confidence and team-working skills.

Along with this Heath Park has provided me with the opportunity to participate in outside of school activities, giving me valuable experience and vital skills for the future. For example, I have involved myself in NCS, attended UNIQ Summer School and the Sutton Trust US Programme. I wouldn’t have been aware of these if it wasn’t for the encouragement to apply from the school, once again emphasising the importance of gaining from every opportunity presented to students during their time at Heath Park.

I am currently studying Mathematics, English and History, I have chosen these as they will prepare me for Law at university and my ultimate goal of becoming a Barrister.

Heath Park has enabled me to grow both academically and personally and I am keen to implement changes that will improve school experience as well as creating a legacy of Head Students to give back, during my time as Head Girl of Heath Park Secondary School.