Head Boy and Head Girl

Lechairn Kerr

Acting as Head Girl is something that I consider to be a great privilege, particularly because the school has presented me with several opportunities, both internally and externally, that have equipped me with a variety of skills. As well as being presented with various opportunities during my time at Heath Park, I have also used this time to develop personally.

A few of the opportunities that I have been presented with include the opportunity to take part in NCS as well as taking part in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Course this year. On the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Course I was able to develop my leadership skills, improve my problem-solving skills and learn how to lead an effective team, all through an opportunity presented by the school.

During the summer of 2017 I took part in the NCS programme, the following year I returned as an Associate Mentor as well as an Ambassador. Also, through school I have been encouraged to increase the amount of extra-curricular activities I take part in, most recently I have took part in a volunteering opportunity at the British Heart Foundation.

Within school I have been presented with an awards that gave me acknowledgement for my work ethic following my GCSE examinations with the Head Teacher’s Commendation Award, as well as the final Student of the Half-Term award during the end of my Key Stage Four education.

Currently, I am studying Double BTEC Travel and Tourism, BTEC Business and A-Level History. These are subjects that I have chosen in the hope to pursue a university degree in International Relations.

As Heath Park has played a significant role in my development as an individual, acting as Head Girl is my way of repaying the school as well as showing gratitude for all that it has done for me.

Flynn Kilford

When I began life at Heath Park in Year 7, the idea of being Head Boy would not have occurred to me. However the experiences and confidence I have gained throughout my time here has given me the belief and knowledge that I can offer so much to this essential leadership role.

I would like my tenure as Headboy to be productive so that when it’s time for our Student Leadership team to hand over the baton to next years leaders, we are handing over a legacy that can be built on throughout the years and benefit all pupils that begin life at Heath Park. My A Level subjects are Chemistry, Maths and Physics and next autumn I would like to pursue a degree in Chemistry. Whilst my eventual career path is not yet defined, I do know that I will be lead by my passion for the  Sciences.

Whilst I am keen to inspire our students to pursue the sciences and extracurricular activities such as STEM club which will help develop their skills, I am very much focused on helping those that may find some subjects difficult. My aim would be to encourage the younger students to be able to approach their Student Leadership team to seek advice. My extra-curricular activities include helping younger children in a sports team and whilst they have learned some techniques from me I have learned more from them. the importance of being approachable and understanding. None of us are exceptional at everything and we need to send that message to our younger students that determination and focus can really help and asking for help is essential. Never give up and always have a go.

Do not be afraid of failure. Failure does not define who you are it’s how you deal with failure that determines who you are. Personally this has helped me enormously when studying for my GCSE’s. It’s getting the message across that we are all in this together. Heath Park has invested time not only in my education but more importantly in my personal development. I see it as my duty to ensure this is paid back to help and guide our younger students so that they feel ready too.