Head Boy and Head Girl

Jagtar Chohan

Being in the position of Head Boy is a great opportunity for me to take the experiences and skills I have gained from my time at Heath Park to develop the interests and ambitions of all students from a diverse background.

During my time at Key Stage 3 I was part of the excellence academy and was able to broaden my interests outside of my studies and attend various university visits to Oxford and Warwick, two universities I am applying to. I have also competed in the Badminton and Tennis teams representing the school in various matches.

I am currently studying Maths, Economics, Biology and Chemistry and hope to take my aspirations of working in Investment Banking further by studying Economics at university. Through my time in Sixth Form, I have attended various Summer Schools at Oxford and Cambridge and worked in London at the world biggest investment bank during the summer, JP Morgan.

Being able to take my interests and aspirations beyond the curriculum has definitely helped me realise my goals and is something I would like to develop both within the sixth form and in KS3/4 by attending more university visits and summer schools, apprenticeships and internships to help raise the aspirations of students in school.

Being able to take a leadership role is an aspect that I enjoy doing, both as a Prefect in my time in Year 12 and as CEO at management competitions for my school. I aim to leave a lasting legacy where an ethos of development and raising aspirations is deeply engraved and encouraged in all aspects of the school.

Louise Davis

Since Year 7 Heath Park has given me so much, growing both my academic potential and my confidence – shaping me into the person I am today. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics A-Levels. My goal is to attend university to study Medicine, in order to become a hospital doctor. I am delighted to be offered the role of Head Girl, and is a position I will give my all to ensure this leadership is remembered both in the short term and as a longer lasting legacy.

From becoming a leader of the STEM club to learning the saxophone and joining Orchestra and two school bands – opportunities have always been there for me. I have been a Peer Mentor for 5 years and within that time have become a trained Anti-Smoking Ambassador and spokesperson for Anti-bullying awareness. Along with the prefect scheme, I try and ‘give back’ whenever I can such as open days and school events. At the end of my GCSE education, I was privileged enough to be recognised for my contributions to the school as I received the Head Teachers Award.

As Head Girl I want to ensure that people never give up. Once you set a goal, work hard and aim high in order to get there. Anything is possible if you never give in, as there are many paths you can go down to get your dream.

Jack Webb

During my time at Heath Park, student leadership has always been important. In my time as Head Boy, I hope to leave a lasting positive impression on the school that has provided me with so much. Holding the position of Head boy gives me the opportunity to not only leave this legacy, but also work with my fellow head students to improve the learning of all pupils at Heath Park.

Of the subjects I am studying (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths), the sciences are my passion. From an early age in the school I joined the STEM club- of which I am now a leader. I hope to take my love and passion for the sciences further by studying Chemistry at university to pursue a career in analytical chemistry. To further my progress towards this goal, I have attended both the Oxford UNIQ summer school and the Imperial chemistry day.

Through my school life I feel I have developed both academically and socially through both the teaching at the school and the extracurricular opportunities provided by the school. The importance of inspiring students to pursue not only what they are good at; but also something they enjoy is essential- and is something I hope to be able to do for not only students in Sixth Form, but also for those in lower years.

Heath Park has been such a large part of my life- and I hope to work not only to improve the already supportive nature of the school, but to also give back in any way to the school that has done so much for me.