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The Excellence Academy

The Excellence Academy will deliver educational outcomes comparable to ‘selective’ schools and guarantees qualifications, for those completing the programme, which will facilitate access to ‘Russell Group’ universities. We are able to make such guarantees because of the unique curriculum opportunities that will be delivered by a discrete team comprising solely of ‘outstanding’ teachers. In addition and most crucially support from parents/carers will be integral to the process.

An Excellence Academy accessible through your local neighbourhood school will deliver the quality of education and results that parents have previously sought either through travelling to schools across the other side or beyond the city or by ‘going private’. Whilst not decrying such routes, we are providing through the Central Learning Partnership Excellence Academy a local alternative.

The Excellence Academy is aimed at those students who have an aptitude for studying at the very highest levels and will ensure that they are encouraged and supported to always be working at the point of ‘personal challenge’ The curriculum will be tailored to meet their needs.

All students achieving ‘greater depth’ in English and Maths at Key Stage 2 will gain a place on the Excellence Academy programme. Children showing ‘greater depth’ knowledge or a high aptitude during their time at Heath Park can join the programme at a later, relevant time. There are other key criteria that will determine acceptance into the Excellence Academy which relate primarily to positive learning habits and these can be determined by objective measures such as attendance and punctuality. There will be additional expectations placed upon Excellence Academy students – in particular a commitment to an extended day and to regular homework and project work throughout the year. We are anxious to establish from the outset the very best learning habits in all Excellence Academy students. In return the Excellence Academy students will benefit from being amongst the most able on a daily basis and a curriculum delivered exclusively by ‘outstanding’ teachers.