Year 11 Revision Conference A Huge Success

On Thursday 2nd November, all Year 11 students took part in a Revision Conference which encouraged them to begin their work beyond the classroom in preparation for both their Mock Examinations as well as the terminal examinations in 2018.

The day gave students the opportunity to work in a range of different ways as well as considering the impact issues such as sleep, exercise and diet can have on their education. Deliverers including school staff, Heath Park Alumni and Staffordshire University were all overwhelmed by the engagement and focus of the students who had a fantastic day.

A special well done must go to the seven students who were identified by staff as the Stars of the Day. The students were:

  • Fallon Frazer
  • Alana Forshaw
  • Janay Rose Knight
  • Izaak Patrick
  • Aro Tofiq
  • Jai Crutchley
  • Inderpal Kular

A huge thank you to all of the students and staff who were involved.