Year Lead Updates – Year 7

As part of our commitment to keeping parents updated we are going to look to provide an update from one of our year leads every week.

This gives parents a chance to hear from their child’s year lead at least once each half term. For the first week we will be hearing from our Year 7 lead, Miss Foster.

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to a busy half-term back in school.

Why don’t you take advantage of the after school Sports clubs that start again on Monday?

You could also try the Reading Club which takes place between 3-4pm this Wednesday (10th January). The Reading Club takes place in the classroom within the library (Room 212). This is open to you and your parents and guardians!

Try something new this year and consider being a voice on the School Council. More information about how you can be involved in the Council will be coming out in the coming days and weeks but if you are interested, start to think about the issues that matter to you in school.

Get involved and you will reap the rewards!

Best wishes,

Miss Foster
(Year 7 Lead)