Zumos Self-Help Platform For Young People

As part of the Wolverhampton HeadStart package of resources and support, Heath Park are excited to be able to offer the Zumos self-help platform for young people.

Zumos is designed to build self-confidence, resilience and wellbeing in what are very challenging times for our students. It helps young people to get motivated to improve their mental health and tracks their personal progress as they use the platform.

The online platform has a full library of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) written resources and audio clips around many topics which young people can listen to anonymously to receive expert support when in need. As adults, we can struggle to offer the best advice when faced with the many different challenges young people face; this platform offers expert advice to support and direct them. It is important to point out that it does not replace the face to face support students can access at school when they need to do so.

As a school, we will be able to access anonymous data which will highlight trends and enable us to target specific themes, year groups or classes for additional support. Individual pupils cannot be identified unless they disclose their identity to school staff.

We believe this is an important tool for us to offer our young people and we will be looking for all of our students to have full access to the support platform after Easter.

If you would like to discuss Zumos, and its use, please contact school and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.