Year 1

Year 1

In the first year of the course, students develop a foundational range of skills that will prepare them for assessments. They will participate in technique classes to develop skills such as their strength, stamina and flexibility and will then apply these technical and interpretive dance skills to performances pieces in a range of styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Urban and Rock n Roll.

Pupils will also begin to develop knowledge of how to choreograph using a range of choreographic devices. Students will apply choreographic skills to create their own sections of dances in duets, trios or groups and will also develop a knowledge of how to evaluate themselves and others and will also have small projects researching into aspects like techniques, professional works and professional choreographers.

Complete Unit 4: (50% of entire course)

Unit 4: Dance Skills: Students will develop a knowledge of contrasting dance styles and apply dance performance skills within dance pieces. They will also complete an on‐going review of their progress through a log-book including SMART targets and reviews. Whilst this unit will allow students to further their performance skills within lessons they will also participate in mock examinations which will prepare them for their final assessments that take place in the two annual dance showcases.

Preparation for Unit 2:

Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production: Students will create a performance piece in trios or groups from a set stimulus based on a Musical Theatre style. Throughout the process they will keep a log of the piece, looking at all elements of a performance production. They will prepare for this unit by undertaking a research project and presenting this to the class. They will also demonstrate how to use a theme or stimulus as a starting point for choreography.

Year 2

Completion of Unit 2: (25% of entire course)

Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production: Students will continue with their group pieces from the previous school year. They will assess their pieces’ strengths and weaknesses and make decisions in the role of a choreographer and director. Students will begin to think about set design, lighting and costume to create an effective performance for an audience. Students will continue to complete their log books justifying their choices and making qualitative judgements.

Completion of Unit 1: (25% of entire course, externally assessed by Pearson)

Unit 1: Individual Showcase: Students will have the option to either learn or create two solo performance pieces based upon the standardised set themes from Edexcel. These pieces will be developed and formed to make them personal to students and will then be filmed individually and sent off to an external examiner. The two solos will be supported with a hypothetical ‘letter of application’ from the student. Students are required to perform these pieces on their own which will give them an insight into the expectations required of a career within the performing arts industry and will be set up like an audition piece. The students will also learn how to apply for an audition through the preparation of the ‘letter of application’.

All pupils studying dance are encouraged to:

  • Participate in dance rehearsals once a week after school.
  • Perform in the school dance showcases.
  • Attend trips to the theatre.
  • Participate in the school productions.


  • Pupils will be assessed throughout the year in a variety of ways: written tasks, spelling/grammar and definition tests of key dance vocabulary, questioning, class discussions, workshop auditions, group tasks and group performances.
  • Pupils will be required to create ongoing log books that they will complete with regular opportunities to discuss their progression in relation to strengths, weakness and setting targets to improve.
  • Classwork and performances from pupils will be continually videoed as evidence of progress.

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