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Taking exams can be a really stressful time, but learning a few simple strategies to improve your revision skills can make a big difference. Stress management is also really important – a little bit of stress at this time of year is normal and can actually enhance your exam performance. But too much is not good for you.

In the next few sections you’ll find lots of useful links to help you boost your revision skills and manage your stress levels. Remember, you’ve worked really hard this year – now is the time to show off everything you’ve learned and get the examination grades you deserve.

Exam Dates

Information regarding exam dates will be posted soon.

Exam Information

It is important that students read the Information for candidates documents from the JCQ. Which you can find here

Exam Boards

Exam boards can give you lots of information on what you should know (specifications) and how you will be assessed (past papers). Our GCSE exam boards are:

English AQA
Maths Edexcel
Science AQA
History Eduqas
Geography AQA
Spanish Edexcel
Drama Eduqas
Music OCR

Being Ready

This article may be designed for university students but the holistic approach is just right for a 16 year old.

The complete university guide – top tips for revision article

Revision Strategies Booklet 2022

Information from Examination Preparation Evening, 6th October 2022

Coping with Pressure

Coping with Exam Pressure