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Design a National Book Token Competiton

It wouldn’t be World Book Day without National Book Tokens’ Design a National Book Token competition, the annual nationwide contest that encourages children of all ages to share their creativity – and their love for books and reading – by designing their own fabulous gift cards!  
This year the theme of the competition is ‘Choosing to read’. Children can interpret this any way they like to celebrate and communicate the joy that comes from choosing to read, as well as choosing which books to read.
To enter, children should design a National Book Tokens gift card with this theme in mind – and thinking about what might make their gift card appeal to customers if it was on display in a real shop.
Tips for creating your design:
  • Discuss what it’s like when the children make the choice to read – use what, where, who with, when questions to gather ideas about what a good reading experience looks and feels like. Where do you choose to read? Who do you most like to read stories with? 
  • Discuss what it’s like to choose a book to read. How do you choose a book? How do you feel when you read a book that you’ve chosen yourself? What books do people think you like, and what books do you actually like? 
  • Discuss why someone might give a gift card as a present – would you choose this design to give to a friend?
  • Remember not to confuse it with your £1/€1.50 World Book Day book token!