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Making an Appeal

Making an Appeal

A student may appeal against the grade awarded on two grounds:

  • That there is a procedural error where the school did not follow the procedure it set out
  • That there was an administrative error where the school submitted the wrong grade

There are three possible outcomes of an appeal:

  • Your original grade is lowered, so your final grade will be lower than the original grade you received
  • Your original grade is confirmed, so there is no change to your grade
  • Your original grade is raised, so your final grade will be higher than the original grade you received

An Appeal to the School

If you wish Heath Park to review the grade awarded please complete page 2 of the following document and submit it to the email by 16th August if you wish a priority appeal (if your grades will determine your next steps eg university places) or by 3rd September for all other requests:JCQ_Appeals-Guidance_Summer-2021_Appendix-B.pdf

The review will take place and you will be informed within 3 working days for a priority appeal or by 10th September for all other appeals. The school will follow the procedures set out by the JCQ to ensure that no mistake has been made.

A student will receive a copy of the review as shown in page 3 of the document below.


An Appeal to the Exam Board

You cannot appeal straight to the exam board. All appeals must first come to the school as described above.If you are not satisfied with the response from the school and wish to appeal to the awarding organisation, you must complete page 4 of the document below.


The deadlines for this are:

  • 23 August 2021 for priority appeals (for students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice, i.e. the offer they accepted as their first choice, and wish to appeal an A level or other Level 3 qualification result)
  • 17 September 2021 for non-priority appeals

These appeals should be submitted to the email and the school will forward them to the awarding body.