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Black History Month at Heath Park

What a success the first week of Black History Month was at Heath Park!

It was great to see tutors engage our students in a diverse range of discussions & activities to promote Black British History.

To kick off Week 2 of BHMVirtual 2020 we’d like to share a poem created by Alesha Hohm in 7HV in response to Week 1’s activity which was

‘Listen to Dave’s song “Black.” –  Create your own song lyrics.’

“I can’t breathe” were his last words,

“I am filled with seethe” is what I prefer.

Just because of my race, I get so much hate.

Without any justice will bring no peace.

The amount of times you brought our lives to a cease.

You officers, are full of disrespect.

He took his last breath with a knee on his neck.

Their families are left in tatters,

while others are going around saying that blacklivesmatter.

Why can’t we just stop this madness?

All we are getting in this world is sadness.

Please educate yourself, and many others,

Because who knows, maybe the world could recover.

So, instead of you coming to attack us, and putting our families hearts into shatters, just remember that black life matters.

Week 2

For Week 2 we are looking Significant British Black & Ethnic Minority Figures in English, Maths & Science and the successes they have achieved. Check out the document below to find out more!!

Week 2 Focus – Significant British Black & Ethnic Minority Figure in English, Maths & Science

Before we go check out this great video shared by Miss Pitt. Enjoy!