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Celebrating Student Success – Elizabeth Gibbons

Elizabeth, one of our Year 12 students exemplifies everything we aim to instill within our students at Heath Park.

Elizabeth joined the NHS Royal Trust during lockdown to support their Clinical Volunteers programme. While many were at home unsure about the future, Elizabeth decided to do something proactive to help.

Elizabeth supported the Rehabilitation hospital where she helped elderly patients, some with cognitive conditions such as stroke or brain injury. Feeling she could help more it was arranged for her to volunteer within the acute hospital site on a stroke ward.

She volunteers a staggering four to five days per week, often completing 12 hour shifts! Since she started, Elizabeth has contributed an amazing 368 hours of volunteering, which is truly astounding!

It’s hard for us to put into words how incredibly proud we are of Elizabeth, the selflessness and dedication she has shown is something many of us aspire to ! Well done Elizabeth!